The Italian-Czech Association for Business Development is currently working on the following projects, the first and fundamental steps that include the benefits that members of the Association can take advantage of.



  • AICSI platform

We are dedicated to creating a platform that will offer members all the comfort of today’s online world. The individual or company will be able to create their own profile, through the platform will be able to contact other users and make an online meeting. There will also be a calendar of planned projects, to which users can respond, get involved or find out more information.

This platform will offer cross-user connectivity, which will not only facilitate but also make all steps, planned projects and meetings clearer.

  • Cultural cooperation

AICSI also supports cultural development, for example through university cooperation. We plan to organize art exhibitions or concerts, and also the possibility of cooperation of Italian students with Czech ones.

  • Official meeting of members

In addition to the current online world, we also pay attention to regular members‘ meetings, where we can welcome new members, present our current projects, but also discuss our future plans.


We are hoping to meet you at the next meeting!